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Our Company

Set Apart and Chosen serves churches, gospel artists, and faith based businesses as they seek to connect and inspire their target audience. We also believe in equipping ministry leaders with marketing and social media skills for use in building the kingdom. if you like to learn more about ministry training or artist social media development classes, please complete the form on the contact us page.

About Our Founder

Veleka b.

Veleka B. helps Gospel Artists get booked and paid with creative marketing campaigns. Founder & CEO of Set Apart and Chosen Digital Marketing & Launch Strategist Serving The Gospel Community Worshipping God. Building the Kingdom. Since founding Set Apart & Chosen, I have connected over 1.4 Million followers to churches, gospel artists, virtual concerts, and kingdom events all over the world. I have been involved in building the marketing strategy and digital teams of churches, gospel artists, and faith-based businesses while simultaneously building my own platform.


Pastor John P. Kee, Charles Butler & Trinity, Isabella Davis, Lisa Knowles-Smith, Jarell Smalls, Blacksmoke Records, Tyscot, EOne, Malaco Music and More!