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Angel Taylor Makes History with Solo #1 Billboard Single “Speak”

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Breaking away from the Grammy-nominated group Trinitee 5:7Angel Taylor has achieved a significant career milestone with her first solo #1 Billboard single, “Speak”! The up-tempo anthem, released on Awspire Music and written by Donnie McClurkin and Travis Finlay, showcases Taylor’s vocal prowess and marks her emergence as an influential solo artist. Produced by the dynamic team of Chris-n-TeebChristopher Capehart, and Rockwilder, “Speak” is just the beginning of Taylor’s solo journey, promising a musical feast for fans.

“Speak” is not just a song; it’s a collaborative masterpiece. The synergy between the powerhouse above producers resulted in an empowering groove that has captivated audiences and climbed to the top of the Billboard charts. The success of this single is a testament to the magic that happens when talent, creativity, and collaboration converge.

Expressing her gratitude for the success of “Speak,” Taylor shared, “I’ve had number one songs before with my group Trinitee 5:7, but reaching number one as a solo artist feels so surreal. I’m so grateful the audience loves this song and has embraced me as a solo artist. I’m so excited about this song and all the new music to come!” This achievement reflects Taylor’s vocal prowess and the connection she has forged with her audience as a solo artist.

In addition to her musical triumph, Taylor made a cameo appearance as herself in the comedic film “The Comeback,” alongside stars Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. The film, released in August, adds another dimension to Taylor’s diverse talents and is available for streaming on Peacock and YouTube.

Awspire Music President Christopher Capehart said, “We are truly elated to celebrate Angel’s accomplishments. Angel has a beautiful yet powerful voice with a sweet spirit to match. When we heard ‘Speak,’ we immediately knew it was a hit. Her follow-up songs are just as strong, and we can’t wait for the world to hear more of what Angel has to offer. We are honored that she is our premier artist, and we are looking forward to her bright future!”

Looking ahead, Angel Taylor is set to release her EP at the beginning of the year, followed by a full album by the end of 2024. As “Speak” continues to resonate on digital streaming platforms, fans can anticipate a musical journey that transcends boundaries and establishes Angel Taylor as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


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