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Kirk Franklin Discovers His Biological Father at 53 — Surprisingly, They Lived Just Minutes Away from Each Other.



The acclaimed gospel artist with a Grammy to his name unveils a documentary detailing his journey to find his biological father while producing his latest album after years of relentless pursuit.


As Kirk Franklin began creating his latest album earlier this year, the celebrated Grammy laureate was unaware of the surprises ahead.

“For the first time, I engaged a videographer to document the behind-the-scenes process of an album’s creation,” shared the 53-year-old Franklin about his 13th studio album. “We began recording in March, but the narrative took an unexpected turn by April.”

Unbeknownst to him, the camera would chronicle a profound emotional exploration as Franklin discovered the identity of his actual biological father. This revelation also paved the way for a potential reunion with his long-lost son, Kerrion, 35, who had been out of his life for ten years.

The heartfelt moments have been curated into a documentary set to premiere on September 15th on Franklin’s YouTube channel, just weeks before the debut of his album on October 6th. Both creations bear the poignant title “Father’s Day.”


At age 6, a man was presented to Franklin by his biological mother, claiming him to be Franklin’s father. “I didn’t reencounter him until I was 13. He began appearing at my concerts once my debut album was released,” Franklin recalls. “The resentment built because all these years I lacked a fatherly figure, and suddenly he chose to appear when my life was gaining direction. My biological mother acted similarly,” he adds, noting her increased presence as his fame rose. “It was a tumultuous experience for me.”

The man Franklin had believed to be his father passed away a few years back. Yet, while recording his new album, a local singer he’d recruited shared a story: she’d met a man at a funeral, Richard Hubbard by name, who claimed to have dated Franklin’s mother in the past. Astonishingly, Hubbard had always lived in the neighborhood where Franklin grew up.

A DNA test was conducted amid speculations that Hubbard might be Franklin’s birth father. The result? A staggering 99.9% paternity match. Reflecting on this revelation, Franklin says, “To think I’ve lived over five decades and the man, potentially the missing piece in my life’s puzzle, resided in my very hometown… Growing up, I grappled with love, faith, identity, and intimacy issues, always seeking guidance. Realizing that my possible answer was merely 10 minutes away is overwhelming.”

The film chronicles a touching inaugural encounter between the celebrity and Hubbard, who was merely 14 or 15 when Franklin came into the world. Hubbard claims he was unaware of fathering a child then. “He’s truly an admirable person,” mentions Franklin about Hubbard, who is also a father to a daughter. “She’s candidly expressed the challenges she’s facing with this revelation: not just discovering she has a brother, but realizing that brother is me, Kirk Franklin.”

Even with the clarity of DNA evidence, things are far from seamless for Franklin. The documentary showcases his biological mother’s strong denial of the DNA findings, even after a repeat test was conducted. “She’s staunchly insistent that he isn’t my father,” Franklin remarks. “Since that second test, we’ve not had any communication.”

On a brighter note, Franklin has rebuilt bridges with his son, Kerrion. Their relationship had been strained for a while, exacerbated by a public altercation in 2021 when Kerrion publicized a charged exchange with his father. The documentary captures their first interaction after a silent stretch of two years.


“My son possesses a beautiful spirit. Some aspects of his journey are for him to narrate. I’m just profoundly grateful to witness him pave his own path,” Franklin mentions, choosing not to delve deep into the intricacies of their bond. “He’s opening up about his personal challenges, battles that have sometimes come at a price for him. I recognize that numerous young Black men grapple with similar issues. As he seeks support and healing, he’s poised to inspire and assist many. He has me and now his grandfather by his side, ready to support in every possible manner.”

Amidst the whirlwind events of this year, Franklin, father to daughters Carrington and Kennedy and son Caziah with his spouse Tammy, has taken moments to contemplate his fatherhood journey.

“Most of my time as a father has been marked by apprehension,” he confesses. “Given my own past, I was resolute that my children wouldn’t endure such anguish. This often led to my overbearing presence: showering them with excessive gifts, warding off many of their suitors, all to shield them.”

He continues, “Growth was essential. My offspring have been the most cherished aspect of my existence.” He’s incorporated these diverse experiences into his stirring new gospel album. “Father’s Day’ has a threefold significance,” he clarifies. “It reflects what I lacked, where I stand now, and the consistent backdrop of my life.” Despite the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, “even in intense frustration,” he says, “my core is grounded in faith.”

Catch Franklin’s latest documentary, ‘Father’s Day,’ available for streaming on YouTube from Friday.


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